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Carrot Cashflow is the first 100% business-focused podcast for small-scale farmers and market gardeners.

Learn how to market your farm products better, increase sales, and get more customers. This show is for anyone who wants to run a farm business profitably. Each episode explores a farm business topic. Some episodes feature guests where we talk with a beginning or experienced farmer, diving deep into their story to determine what makes their farm successful. Even catch some Ready Farmer One stories throughout the episodes. Dive in!

Guides and Templates

365 Days of Marketing Guide Local Line

365 Days of Marketing

A completely done-for-you guide with one years’ worth of marketing content for farmers to save you up to 10 hours/week on marketing.

  • Social media captions and templates
  • Email marketing newsletters
  • Event marketing copy, and
  • Website content
Social Media Essentials for Farmers Guide Local Line

Social Media Essentials for Farmers

We know social media marketing can be daunting. It’s like a black box that seems untouchable. 

We created this guide to break it down for you. We want to introduce you to the different social media platforms and inspire you to take control of your social media marketing today.

Vendor Onboarding Package Vancouver Farmers Market Local Line

Vendor Onboarding Package

Our friend, Stephanie Haynes from Vancouver Farmers’ Market shared her vendor onboarding package with us. In this package, she provides information on she set up their market’s vendors up for success.

Download your copy below and use Stephanie’s best practices for your own online venture, market or not.

Canva Templates

Product Sticker Templates

Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram Post Templates


Minium Order Value Calculator Local Line

Minimum Order Value Calculator

A Minimum Order Value (MOV) is the lowest dollar value that you will ship to your customers. Setting a MOV guarantees a minimum profit per order, while also ensuring that the cost of distributing your product is not too high per order. You can calculate the perfect MOV that is specific to the needs of your own business.

To help you calculate your own MOV, we’ve created a calculator.

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